We believe it´s necessary to provide a good "pre- and post-sales" support, which helps to correctly select and use the materials that will be part of the building project.


  1. - Preparation of a suitable budget, WITHOUT COMMITMENT.
  2. - Design and simulation of the project
  3. - Technical advice
  4. - Delivery of the technical documentation of the products
  5. - Calculation of acoustic absorption


Specialized for the person installer of plaster and plasterboard.


  • Natural plasterboard ATT (dry partition)
  • - Removable plaster ceilings, metallic steel and aluminum, mineral fiber, wood shavings, wood, translucent polycarbonate,
  • -Profiles and accessories to assemble of any type of roof.
  • - Plasters, Gypsums...
  • Drywall and accessories.
  • Products for thermal and acoustic insulation.
  • Decoración in plaster and polyurethane, stone, brick, beams ...
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